Best Laminate Floor Manufacturers and Brands

Teeth whitening products flooded the market because, before dental bleaching became a common procedure, people had few options to cover up stained teeth. Yellow stained teeth were the norm before a doctor of dental medicine in New York named Morris M. Blum invented lamination in 1938 to cap, bond, and ultimately hide badly colored teeth with clear plastic resins.

A laminate is basically something that is made by fusing two or more layers of material together. Since Dr. Blum’s discovery of the lamination process, the laminate industry has expanded to produce a variety of products. In fact, things created through lamination are ubiquitous these days. One of the common products created through lamination is laminate flooring.

Install Armstrong Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

Normal flooring created through lamination is usually made up of four layers: the wear, pattern, core, and balancing layers. The topmost part of laminate flooring is the balancing layer, which serves to protect the flooring from moisture and stabilize the floor plank. Underneath this is the core layer, which is responsible for the toughness of the flooring. The next layer is the pattern layer, which is basically a thin paper printed with a photographic image of a particular finish. The pattern layer makes the laminate flooring appear like a real wood or stone tile flooring. To protect the pattern layer from stains, moisture, and gouges, a clear and tough material usually made of melamine resin is placed underneath it. This is the wear layer.

The process of creating laminate flooring was discovered by the Sweden-based company Pergo in 1977. But it was not until 1984 when laminate flooring hit the market. Because of its affordable price, durability, and beautiful look, laminate flooring is favored by homeowners who are looking to get the best value out of their money. Since Pergo started distributing laminate flooring in Europe back in 1984, the laminate floor manufacturing industry has bloomed. Here are some of the top laminate floor manufacturers:

Mohawk Industries-Laminate flooring from Mohawk are nature-inspired and eco-friendly.

Tarkett Group-Made from unique slip resistant material, Tarkett laminate flooring is not only safe but stylish.

ColumbiaFlooring-Known for its quality hardwood flooring, Columbia has replicated their premium hardwood flooring designs into laminate.

Mannington Mills, Inc.-Manufactured from 70% recycled content, Mannington laminate flooring has low-VOC inks and adhesive contents. Mannington’s laminate floors ensure good indoor air quality in your home.

Quick-step-As an international company that specializes in producing quality and elegant laminate flooring, Quick-step has a wide range of flooring collections that can definitely make your home look amazing.

Westhollow-For people who are looking for laminate flooring that exudes traditional craftsmanship, Westhollow laminate flooring would be the perfect choice. Durable and elegant, laminate flooring from Westhollow are made using innovative technology.

Wilsonart International-Known as a world-leading maker of decorative surfacing products, Wilsonart produces one of the best laminate flooring in the globe.

Armstrong World Industries-Armstrong is the manufacturer of Armstrong Swiftlock, an easy to install brand of click-together and glueless laminate flooring.

So if you are planning to save on your house’s flooring, do not think twice: get laminate flooring that is made by any of the above manufacturers.

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