Black Laminate Floors

Black laminate flooring is an inexpensive and easy way of obtaining classy, new-looking floors. Instead of installing expensive and hard-to-maintain hard wood flooring, or marble or stone that conducts the cold, and requires additional floor insulation, choose realistic simulations of these coveted styles, and purchase and install the flooring at less than half of the price. Laminate flooring is long-lasting, is easy to install and maintain, and can transform an ordinary room into an extra-ordinary living space.

What is Laminate?
Laminate is a flooring material that is available in tile or plank form. It is made of a combination of materials, layered on top of one another to create sturdy and resilient flooring. It has the added advantage of being easy to install; many makes require no nails or glue, because they fit together with a simple but reliable tongue and groove system. Conforming to a system called a floating floor, it is possible to install laminate flooring over multiple surfaces, including concrete, hardwood, or even carpet, providing they are flat and properly prepared. This advantage means that there does not need to be any messy, time-consuming deconstruction before the new, finished floor is implemented. Laminate is available in multiple designs, colors, and styles, including popular hardwoods, stone, marble, slate, and so on. The grain patterns of wood or stone that are printed on laminate planks or tiles are, in fact, high-resolution photographs of the real things, resulting in a realistic simulation that can be installed by professionals or by amateur do-it-yourselfers.

Why Choose Black Laminate Floors?
Black Laminate FlooringBlack laminate flooring is available in multiple styles. Choose straight black for a modern, polished look, or a black marble design for an atmosphere of simple elegance. The variety of shades of black laminate available is virtually unending. Popular shades include black slate, black opal slate, black oak, black ebony, and countless others. Hardwoods with a dark or black finish or stain are becoming increasingly popular, and laminate flooring companies have picked up on the trend, offering a variety of simulated hard woods in dark hues. Whichever style or shade of black you choose, black laminate flooring will prove to be a low-maintenance option. As with all types and styles of laminate flooring, it is easy to clean, but has the added benefit of concealing scuff marks from dark soled footwear, which would create unsightly lines on wood patterns and lighter colors. All laminate flooring patterns are protected by an aluminum oxide finish that allows the pattern to remain, even when subjected to heavy traffic, and excessive wear and tear.

Although laminate flooring has an excellent reputation for being a long lasting and high quality product, individuals should always shop around before making any final purchasing decisions. Look for flooring that is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last for a given number of years. The prices of flooring units will depend not only on the popularity and availability of the style and shade, but also on the reputation of the manufacturer, and the assurance of quality offered by that manufacturer, such as a warranty, installation assistance, and so on.

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