Bruce Hardwood Flooring – Add Warmth And Beauty To Your Home

With Bruce hardwood flooring you can select from 100% hardwood or engineered wood for the flooring of your home. Engineered wood is a multi-bonded wood that you can apply over any other surface. 100% hardwood is solid wood that you have to nail or staple to a wood or plywood surface. There are also several styles you can choose from when you choose Bruce hardwood flooring. Styles in Bruce hardwood flooring include Parquet, Plank, Strip and Wide plank.

If you want to choose Bruce hardwood flooring, you have many choices. Along with selecting the type of wood and the style, Bruce wood flooring also comes in several different colors. These are Blond, Cherry, Medium Red, Multi-Colored, Natural, Brown, Honey, White and Warm Natural

Bruce Hardwood FlooringThis gives you many options in your choices of Bruce hardwood flooring, and you can have different Bruce wood flooring in each room of your home. Bruce Hardwood Flooring – or any hardwood flooring for that matter – for your home is an investment that will last a lifetime. You can choose the type of wood you want to match the d├ęcor of each room and the furniture, making it very pleasing to the eye. Bruce hardwood floors also make it very easy to sell your home if you decide to put it on the market.
Care of Bruce wood flooring.

The hardwood flooring that Bruce can supply you with is very easy to care for. You can mop Bruce hardwood flooring occasionally to renew the shine of the wood, and it is one type of flooring that never goes out of style. The durability of Bruce wood flooring makes this something that is strong and resilient. There are various widths available with Bruce hardwood flooring that can add to the ambiance of your home. If you choose strips of wood for your floors, you will have narrow bands that are less than 3 inches wide. With the plank style of hardwood, all the boards are more than 3 inches wide.

Bruce wood flooring has special milling effects that increase the visual effects that you get from your hardwood floors. With the square edge design of Bruce hardwood flooring, all the boards fit flush against each other to portray a smooth traditional look for your floor. There is also a bevelled edge that you can choose in Bruce wood flooring. In this style, all the boards are sanded or angled so that you have grooves in the flooring. This also helps to create an outline effect around each of the hardwood boards in the floor. With the eased edge design, the edges are slightly angled so that you have the effect of the bevelled edge, but there is less of an outline in your flooring.

Bruce hardwood flooring is designed so that you can easily install it yourself. You can however have professionals from the Bruce company do the installation for you. The flooring comes with a warranty, which differs according to the grade of Bruce wood you choose. The hardwood has all the character you expect to find in Bruce hardwood floorings, such as knots, mineral streaks and pinholes in the Good collection. As you upgrade the quality of the wood the price and the warranty increases.
Buying wood flooring online

Online wouldn’t be the first place most people would go to look for wood flooring, but now it’s essential to look online. Why? Simply because online prices are so competitive.

Think about it. An online store doesn’t need to position itself where it attracts local traffic, so it can house itself and store it’s products in low-cost locations, thereby keeping costs down. That’s why online stores are so competitive. But make sure you look for a large reputable store.

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