Ceramic Floor Tiles – Floor Tiles With Appropriate Advantages

Are you looking for the best choice of the floor tiles suitable for your residential and commercial purposes? Then you are at the right place. These groups of floor tiles are called as ceramic floor tiles. These tiles are suitable for flooring in different areas of your home and in commercial units.

Ceramic tiles are the tiles made by concoction of different clays. Different drying and compaction procedures are involved in making of ceramic floor tiles.

If you are looking for tile flooring in your home, then wide variety of ceramic tiles are available which might suffice your purpose. In case if you are building a new house, then best choice of ceramic tiles for rooms which are of less usage like bathrooms and kitchens, then certain category of tiles are useful. When coming to high and medium traffic sections like halls and bed rooms, there exists other category of ceramic floor tiles. In addition to these, ceramic floor tiles resistant to stains and fire are also available. Such a wide variety of ceramic floor tiles helps the consumers, much more in their floor tile selections.

Also, there are various types of ceramic floor tiles available which might be appropriate for the conditions in your commercial units. For example, if you want to establish a cold storage plant, a certain category of ceramic floor tiles are available which have the ability to be resistant to frost. Similarly there are ceramic floor tiles suitable for flooring in factories and industries where conditions like high temperature, high humidity are maintained. In addition to these, particular classes of ceramic floor tiles are also suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical industries where floor tiles are prone to chemical reagent spilling.

Other common advantages in choosing ceramic floor tiles are they have long life, are gripping for foot, they facilitate easy cleaning and are abrasion resistant.

As a broad variety and different classes of ceramic floor tiles are available, it is important that you choose your category judiciously by having complete awareness about your needs. For instance, if you are planning to purchase a lot of ceramic floor tiles for flooring in a wet area in your industry, then it is better to choose moisture resistant ceramic tiles rather than normal types which absorb large amount of moisture.

A part from this, one can make selection of ceramic floor tiles based on whether the tile is coated to uncoated. Coated tiles (also called as glazed tiles) come with an additional coating of liquid glass. This group of tiles provides tiles to be resistant from any scratches and from sunlight fading. Uncoated tiles having longer life when compared to coated tiles.

There are a large number of manufacturers of ceramic floor tiles all over the world. One of the manufacturing companies which produce top quality ceramic floor tiles is Dongpeng (A China based company). This company is leading producer of ceramic floor tiles and is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company.

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