Dupont Laminate Flooring

Are you considering Dupont laminate flooring?

The Dupont Real Touch laminate flooring product lines include Classic andElite.

With their InterPlank design, the floor is practically seamless.

Real Touch Classic

You can get three of their top selling wood patterns in most Home Depotstores:

  • Red Oak
  • Antique Oak
  • Maple

Real Touch Elite

All patterns of their Elite line are available at Home Depot. Some ofthe most popular include:

  • Brazilian Merbau
  • Light Maple
  • Colonial Oak
  • Light Cherry Block


Dupont has a toll-free number you can call with questions about theirlaminate flooring. It is 1-877-43-TOUCH (1-877-438-6824).


Products from this popular laminate floor manufacturer are available at HomeDepot stores.


Their 30-year warranty, provided that the laminate floor product is in a dry,indoor residential setting, covers:

  • Stains from normal household items like food or drink.
  • That the melamine wear layer won’t wear through.
  • That the floor will not fade in natural sunlight or normal household lighting.
  • That it will resist water damage from normal household activities (as long as it is installed properly).


The company was founded in 1802 and its stock, which is a member of the DowJones Industrial Average, trades onthe New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “DD.”

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