High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is chosen by many homeowners due to its own resemblance and durability to real wood in regards to selecting flooring material. High gloss laminate flooring is just a particularly attractive option due to its high shine finish. But this kind of laminate flooring also has its drawback. Before you see your closest home improvement shop, consider both advantages and disadvantages of high gloss laminate flooring to determine whether it’s the correct option for your home.

Pro: Low Maintenance

High gloss laminate flooring generally, needs considerably less care than high gloss hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring will not need standard waxing as hardwood does and may be cleaned with a standard broom, vacuum or mop. High gloss laminate flooring will not stain readily because Ingeneral top layer is veneer. Hardwood, in the flip side, develop stains if not preserved and can consume liquids.

Pro: Price

When compared with conventional high gloss hardwood flooring, this flooring is a far more cheap option. Many companies get this type of flooring homeowners can shop around to get the very best deal. But, the quality high gloss flooring will generally always be more economical than its hardwood counterpart without paying the exorbitant price, homeowners obtain the look of the real wood high gloss finish.

Pro: Simple Installation

High gloss laminate flooring is attractive to a lot of homeowners due to its own simple installation. Actually, do-it-yourselfers might want to take the occupation on themselves, which might help save additional money in the flooring. Various kinds of high gloss laminate flooring fit in a language and dance system, so that they take together like puzzle pieces. You generally don’t have as the paste is already put on the pieces to add any adhesive, also it’s activated by simply adding water. Because of this, high gloss laminate flooring can be installed quickly than a conventional hardwood floor.

Disadvantage: Not the Real Thing

Despite its look and feel that is similar, high gloss laminate flooring just has a tiny portion of actual wood. Because of this, while your home’s value may raise, high gloss flooring doesn’t possess exactly the same effect. You might need to think about adding high gloss flooring rather than laminate if you’re thinking about selling your home later on.

Disadvantage: Slippery

As a result of its glossy, smooth surface, high gloss laminate flooring could be quite slippery, particularly when wet. Homeowners who live with aged relatives or kids may choose a flat or semi-matte finish due to their laminate flooring.

Disadvantage: Shows Wear and Tear Easily

Like every merchandise having a high gloss finish, the high gloss flooring is not forgiving in regards to revealing signals of wear and tear. Scratches, scuff marks and other marks are a lot more clear on this particular type of flooring for the reason that it reflects light. High gloss laminate flooring because of this, might not be the best option for places that receive significant foot traffic.

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