Installing Harmonics Flooring

Have you been thinking of installing harmonics flooring in your house? The good news is that you can do it yourself. You do not have to incur additional costs in hiring a contractor. With simple requirements and easy to follow procedures, you can install your laminate flooring very easily and fast. If you are wondering what these are: they are glue-less flooring, normally referred to as floating, made of real wood and they are designed for the average home user to be able to install them. So, if they use no glue, what holds then? Well, the connection is done with interlocking groove connections along the sides of the boards and the floor trim functions to hold down the perimeter.

Before you think of making the installation, you must first provide the requirements for the job. These are simple and they include: a hammer, pry bar, table saw, plastic underlying, plastic shims, trim nails an then the wood flooring planks.

Installing Harmonics Flooring


First of all, gather and assemble all the requirements on the working area. This is important as you do not want to start the installation then pause to go looking for the hammer. By assembling all the requirements, it becomes easy to trace them hence saving on time. The first step is to remove the floor trim. This should be done throughout the whole room being installed with the harmonic laminate flooring. The removal is to be done with a hammer and the pry bar. As you remove it, try to keep it intact, pull out the nails and set it aside.

Then using the table saw, cut the tongues of those planks to be in the first course of the floor. The tongues to be cut are on sides, the long and the short sides. You are now ready to start the lay of the planks, but first, place a plastic underlying along the side of the floor where you are to start working. It is advised that, the starting point should be the farthest corner of the room. Lay the first plank whose sides have been cut to fit as to touch the two corner walls. However, you have to put the plastic shims between the planks and the wall hence the plank should not make direct contact with the wall. Continue placing planks end to end, creating groove connections. The final plank should be cut with a miter saw to fit the ending corner.

After finishing the first course, start on the subsequent course. For the subsequent course, set the planks alongside the first course but avoid matching lines. Stagger the ends as this is how to make the floor firm. Cut the tongues of each plank. Finish this course appropriately. Lastly lay the final course of length cut planks. The laying should be done to leave a 3/8 inch gap from the ending wall. Then reinstall the floor trim. The trim serves to hide the gaps at the walls and it holds the flooring down. At this point, you are done and all you have is to enjoy the harmonics floors as you maintain it.

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