Kronotex Laminate Flooring – Fit for the Busy Family

When your home opens its doors to a lot of visitors and you have several children and pets who track in dirt every single day, consider installing Kronotex laminate flooring into your house. This type of flooring is considered resistant to the every day wear and tear floors are subjected to and, more importantly, it does not catch fire immediately so your property is protected. It is also scratch-resistant and is quite durable, even after years of use. This particular brand of flooring is also suitable for homes with small children who spend most of their time crawling on the floor. Its smooth surface discourages the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Unlike some hardwood flooring that fades with constant and direct exposure to the sun, Kronotex laminate does not fade in time and still retains its vibrant color and texture even after years of use.

Product Collections

Kronotex Laminate FlooringKronotex laminate flooring comes in three distinctive collections. The Yorkshire collection is described as simple and classic and can easily be mistaken as real hardwood, looking remarkably like any other American hardwood in the market. It is also quite affordable. The Asherbrooke Collection adds color to any home, with different hues to choose from. This collection boasts of adding drama to your life, with its natural grain appearance. Lastly, the Herringbone Collection affords the look of any designer house with its style and sophistication. With this collection, you can realize the dream home you’ve always wanted without the accompanying expenses.

Tips for Installation

This type of flooring uses glueless technique for installation. Because the Kronotex laminate flooring is a natural product, it responds to the changing temperature and humidity of your interiors. These changes are accommodated upon installation, with space allowances near the walls that are covered with moldings. This is also the reason why this particular laminate flooring must not be attached to the subfloor, to allow some movements in response warm or cold weather. Packages containing the flooring should also not be opened until it is ready for use. When in doubt, have a professional installer do the job for you to achieve peace of mind.

Care and Maintenance

Kronotex laminate flooring is comparable to all the other brands of flooring in the sense that it does not do well when wet. Any spills by liquids should be wiped promptly with a clean rag or cloth. It is also better to ask the professional installer or finisher on the kind of cleaning agent to use, while applying wax and oil is a big no-no as these can make the laminate flooring dull. Use of abrasive cleaning items such as stiff brush or steel wool should also be avoided when trying to remove stains and dirt, to avoid making any marks on the floor. For maintenance, frequent vacuuming and sweeping would be enough, with occasional dry mopping.

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