Nirvana Plus Laminate Flooring

Are you ready to replace your tired old floor? If so, consider Nirvana laminate flooring for your home. This brand of laminate flooring comes in many attractive choices such as Lake Como White Oak, Havana Mahogany, New Orleans Reclaimed Pine and many more. If you love the look of hardwood you will love this product line. If you’re not sure what style is best for your home, consider how large the room is. Dark flooring helps close up a spacious room while light flooring helps a small room look bigger.

Installing this flooring is so easy. You don’t need nails or glue. The pieces are made to fit together easily, like the pieces of a puzzle. Anyone can fit them together. Because there is no glue involved, there’s no drying time. You can walk on your new floors immediately following installation. While many laminate floors require a foam underpad to be installed before the flooring is put down, Nirvana flooring has this foam already attached. This saves you time and hassle. The foam is especially designed to add stability and absorb sound.

Nirvana Laminate FlooringYou will be amazed at how gorgeous these floors are. They look and feel just like real hardwood thanks to amazing detail and texture. If you had real hardwood floors you might get nervous if your floors got wet. With laminate floors, water is no problem because the flooring has been treated with a special moisture repellant. High quality laminate flooring like this can also stand up to demanding foot traffic without incurring dents or scratches.

Another thing that is wonderful about Nirvana laminate flooring is the maintenance. Hardwood floors must be waxed in order to retain their beautiful sheen. Laminate floors never need waxing. They shine on day after day without losing their brilliance. If your laminate floor does get dirty, a simple sweep and damp mop is all you need to restore the beautiful luster. Maybe the idea of struggling with a mop and bucket isn’t appealing to you. No worries — you can make the job easier by using one of the new mops on the market that use damp floor cloths. Some mops actually come with the cleaning fluid included in a special spray attachment. These cleaning tools make owning a laminate floor even more convenient.

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