Slate Laminate Flooring

Slate laminate flooring is the best choice for those looking for natural look at the places they live in. It is an era when people love to go back to nature, and slate laminate flooring comes as a solution for this. This is a brilliant idea to get natural look without damaging the real nature.
Slate Laminate Flooring

Slate laminate flooring itself is laminate flooring designed to imitate the appearance of slate flooring. Slate laminate flooring is usually made by fusing together for layers of synthetic material through a process called lamination. The finish material features a laminated photographic replica of natural slate flooring. The material looks genuine that most people think that they are trudging on real slate.

The advantage of slate laminate flooring is that it costs less than the natural one. It is also easy to install, so you can do the installation by yourself. Anyone with no special skills can install it wherever they want. You can just follow the step-by-step flooring installation provided by the manufacturers.

Besides saving money, another advantage you can get from slate laminate flooring is the top quality materials used to make the flooring. You are endured that your slate laminate flooring would be durable and last long. Again, it allows you to save money because you do not need to spend some to renew your floor.

Slate laminate flooring is also easy to clean. The ordinary stale flooring would probably require chemicals, but the laminated version can be cleared using damp cloth or the mopping devices such as the Swiffer. The authentic slate tends to feel cold because the material does not absorb heat, but you will not find it in the laminated version.

If you are interested in slate laminate flooring, you can find it in home improvement stores, or you can go online to get more options of motifs. Whatever your choice, this flooring is always the best. Read this following to get some former ideas.

Shaw Caldera Slate Tile 8mm Laminate Floor

This slate laminate flooring provides genuine stone look because the Shaw’s Touchable Texture natural stone tile designs enhance traditional, rustic, or contemporary decorating themes. The moisture seal core provides enhanced structural stability, impact resistance, and moisture resistance. Your floor will not get damaged just because of common spills and drops.

Cleaning this slate laminate flooring is an easy task, since it provides hassle-free cleaning and upkeep. It only needs to be swept regularly and approved cleaner for spills. It features VersaLock Installation System, patented locking technology that allows your floor to be installed quickly and without glue.

DuPont Black Slate Laminate Floor

With this DuPont black slate laminate flooring, you can have dramatic features embossed in register texture, which matches the look of real slate and improves slip resistance. Its interplank design mimics the natural randomness of genuine slate, while its wide-plank design, self alignment system and attached underlayment assure quick, easy installation and aids in noise reduction.

When installing this slate laminate flooring do not forget your coordinating trim and moldings. It is perfect for residential use, and can be installed over both concrete and wooden sub-floors. It is ready to make your home fresh and gorgeous.

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