Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring

The No-Nail Alternative

There are various options for the type of flooring to use for your home, but you are always bound to choose the one that’s modest in pricing but durable and easy to install or maintain.

Hardwood flooring is the most durable of all types, but it costs a lot.  A good alternative to this is laminate flooring.  It’s made of lighter and inexpensive materials that have been synthetically processed to create a finish that looks exactly like a real hardwood floor board.

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring is one such company that offers not only flexible design choices, but easy installation and affordable prices as well.  Trafficmaster offers laminate flooring in different faux hardwood designs, such as Historic American Chestnut, Antique Barn Oak, and Heart Pines.

Trafficmaster Flooring

Install Over Existing Floor

Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring is available in tongue-and-groove paneling, so it’s not necessary to nail the board or apply adhesive when laying out your flooring.  Laminates from Trafficmaster do not require specifications for the sub-floor where you’ll have them laid out.  You can just install your new flooring straight over the top of your sub-floor, unless you are using a carpet that needs to be taken out before laying out the laminate.

Once installed, laminate flooring is easy to maintain.  You just have to sweep it regularly with a soft-bristled broom. For occasional cleaning, you may use a mop and some mild soap dissolved in water.

Laminate Layers

Top-quality laminate flooring, like the ones made by Trafficmaster, has top and bottom layers.  These layers protect your floor from moisture and damage caused by heavy traffic on the area where the flooring is laid out.  The upper layer accounts for the stability of the material, and it makes the laminate look as authentic as possible.

The surface of Trafficmaster’s laminate flooring is polished with scratch-resistant synthetics, so you don’t need to worry about scratches when your pets and children are running and playing around the house.

There are water-resistant laminate floor boards that are manufactured specially for kitchen and bathroom flooring. For different varieties of Trafficmaster laminate flooring, ask your local flooring supplier.  You might as well make a research online to canvas the pricing of laminate flooring.

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