Walnut Laminate Flooring

Walnut laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring that mostly chosen by many people in the world. This walnut laminate flooring is designed to be elegant and beautiful. Instead of offering many benefits, this flooring is also available in affordable price. So, for those who are on the budget, choosing this flooring can be the best solution.

walnut laminate flooring

Walnut laminate flooring comes in many different options including oak, merbau, maple, beech, cherry, and walnut woods. This walnut laminate flooring is not just less expensive; it is also very durable and very easy to clean. This is actually new to the flooring market and has become popular very fast.

When talking about the attractiveness and beauty, no other wood flooring beats walnut. With its smooth, rich dark brown color, walnut laminate flooring makes an interior look very elegant and impressive. This walnut laminate flooring is made using high-tech machinery and top quality materials. It looks the real thing that most folks would not notice that they are not walking on laminate flooring.

If you want to get an elegant and impressive look for your interior, choosing walnut laminate flooring will be the perfect choice for you. The followings are going to give you some options of walnut laminate flooring that you can consider to be installed in your home. Just take a look at the following information and find what this flooring can offer you.

Feelwood Italian Walnut Laminate Flooring from Egger

Feelwood Italian Walnut Laminate Flooring from Egger is the first recommended option for you to consider. This is a hard wearing product that offers many years of beautiful service. The small plank and bevel gives Feelwood the appearance of real hardwood parquet flooring.

In addition, laminate is one of the most hygienic flooring products on the market and is easy to clean and maintain. The Egger laminate flooring product is constructed with over 90% wood from sustainable managed forests and the structure is a direct pressure laminate with a special core board made from natural wood fibers

Westhollow Walnut Laminate Floor Choices

The second option of walnut laminate flooring comes from Westhollow. Westhollow offers a gorgeous choice called American Walnut in their Silencer Wood Reflections Collection. This laminate floor is stained in a warm, dark walnut shade and features increased noise reduction. You will get an attached underlayment and a 25 year warranty.

Also in the same Westhollow collection, there is a choice of walnut laminate flooring called Swiss Chocolate Walnut. You will get the same features like built in underlayment and 25 yr warranty, except in a darker shade. For an exotic walnut look, try Westhollow’s South American Walnut from their South Pacific Vise-Loc Collection. This flooring is probably the darkest and most exotic walnut patterned laminate flooring that you will find out there.

Walnut Laminate Floors by QuickStep

The third option of walnut laminate flooring comes from QuickStep. QuickStep offers Walnut Double Plank which is a laminate floor offered in a medium-toned walnut stain. You will not get an underlayment with this product, but you will get a great 25-years warranty and a big selection of optional accessories such as stair nosing and T-moldings to help you achieve the most complete of coordinated installations.

Another choice from the same collection is Venetian Walnut. This great option of walnut laminate flooring is stained with a slightly lighter walnut tone and is provided with a great warranty for a full 25 years. As with the all of the QuickStep laminate flooring choices, you can purchase accessories like underlayments, nosings and moldings.

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