White Laminate Flooring

White laminate flooring is the best choice for those looking for purity and elegance for their home. White laminate flooring increases the light exposure in your home making it more spacious.
White laminate flooring

When selecting floor lamination, people often get confused when selecting the best one that suits their home décor. Then, they choose white laminate flooring to give their home purity and elegance, added with trendy and stylish look. It is also more lasting as people do not have to worry about the damage caused by the humidity and moisture problem caused by wooden laminate flooring.

White laminate flooring will look magnificent and will create a complimentary look for your elegant home. There are several reasons why people tend to choose white laminate flooring. As you can keep it clean, you do not have to worry about warping. White laminate flooring is also very easy to install, so you can save your money since you do not need to pay for special construction workers to install it.

White laminate flooring is also affordable and easy to maintain. You can install it wherever you want because it reinforces the style of your existing furniture. That is why it becomes convenience not only for living rooms or family rooms, but also for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Although the installation of white laminate flooring is easy, you should also consider the quality of the lamination. If you are planning to get your flooring installed by professional, you can easily choose whatever type of lamination you prefer as the professionals can get the job done with perfection.

White laminate flooring is made of three of four fiberboards impregnated with reins and waterproofing chemicals that not only strengthen it but also resist it from water damage. It needs to be maintained to last in the long run as it can easily be scratched.

Pergo Prestige Vintage White Pine Laminate Flooring

This white laminate flooring has ultra-realistic textures and designs with premium attached underlayment. It is equipped with LusterGard Plus that protects surface against scratches and scuffs. Each plank sizes 7 5/8 inch W x 47 ½ inch L and is 10m thick. It has a square edge on each plank.

Pergo prestige white laminate flooring is easy to assemble, while it features SmartLock patented dual-locking, glueless click joint installation. It is ideal for below grade, on grade, and above grade installations. It can be installed over smooth, flat, dry surfaces, ceramic tile, vinyl, and wood. With 30 year limited warranty, this will be perfect pieces for your home.

Mohawk Bellevue CDL20-01 Warm White Flooring

Featuring Mohawk’s patented InstaClic Installation system and UniClic technology, Mohawk Bellevue white laminate flooring is fast and easy to use. It provides prominent veining, natural swirls of color, and light embossing that give your home an authentic natural stone appearance.

With Crystal Shield finish, Mohawk Bellevue provides durability that contains anti-static, stain, fade, and wear properties. It is also moisture resistant, so it will last for years. The ultra premium 8 mm core offers extreme moisture resistance and superior dimensional stability. This white laminate flooring is one you can rely on to add stylish look to your home.

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