Wilsonart Laminate Flooring Prices

Discover Wilsonart laminate flooring prices to get the best quality and top-rated floor products for successful home flooring project

Let’s take a look at some of the Wilsonart laminate flooring prices, that you can get right now to make your home improvement project really stand out. You can do so at a very affordable price. We will take a look at some of the different options, thicknesses and styles that you could get, so you can get started. Remember, no time is like the present.

There are indeed a lot of companies that are selling similar products, but not a lot of them can really compare to the Wilsonart laminate flooring prices. However try to get free Laminate Flooring estimates from this flooring expert, these guys are seriously some of the best and top-rated floor products contractors that you can get out there. Wilsonart is well-known for having easy to install pieces, that you do not even need to glue or nail. Have you ever heard of the free-floating method of installation? That is how you will install your Wilsonart pieces. It is also called the floating floor, and is much more simple for somebody who is doing it yourself then it would be to use nails, or using messy and potentially hazardous adhesives.

Classic rectangular tile: this is one of Wilsonart’s finest pieces and is priced at $9.37 per square foot. It looks almost like it has a granite finish, with a very nice and classy yet modern feel. This is one of the more cheaper options from Wilsonart, but it is still stylish for so many different rooms. That must explain its popularity.

Harvest Maple sheet laminate: this is some really classy and high-class material, and you are going to be looking at a price of $52.80 per square foot. While this may seem a little bit expensive, think about the high-quality Maple finish that you are going to have looking stunning in your business or home.

Milano Amber sheet: this is some of the most high quality and good looking flooring that you can get, with a very stylish design and print. You can get this Milano finish in many different colours, and it is priced at $57 per square foot.

Formica Brand – Antique Mascarello Sheet Laminate: this is one of Wilsonart’s most expensive and high-class pieces. This beautiful design is staying and scratch resistant, super easy to clean, easily customizable and of course, will look absolutely fabulous and a number of settings. With this Formica, you are looking at a price of $150 per square foot.

There are also many other similar styles and finishes, and we can literally be here all day going through them all. Check out the official Wilsonart product line to see all of the different styles, colours and finishes you can be installing in no time.

As you can see, the Wilson laminate flooring prices are very affordable for anybody’s budget compare to other laminate flooring prices. And there is also the type of selection and quality that you are really going to be expecting when you are doing a project that needs to turn heads and impress people. Like they say, if you are going to do anything then you better do it right – and Wilsonart knows this business just about as good as anybody.

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