Wood Laminate Flooring

Wood laminate flooring is the perfect project for any homeowner, because it is a do it yourself type of project that does not require any professional help, while still making your house or apartment look amazing.

The reason that it looks so nice and why it’s so easy to assemble, is because it comes right out of the package ready to go. You simply snap the individual pieces of “planks” into one another, and they have different grooves to show you exactly which ones pop into where. It’s a very ingenious system, compared to many different flooring options which would require professional installation. That’s not to say that you aren’t going to get a professional to do this, because many people opt to hire someone to install their Wood laminate flooring, ensuring proper work and a perfect finish.

There is a lot of history to this type of flooring, even though it has not been around for more than 5 decades. It was actually invented in 1977 by a company named Perstorp, in Sweden. They were a company who were experts in every type of laminate surface you can think of, and they were founded way back in 1923. They didn’t come out with this until 1977 when a breakthrough innovation was made. It was pushed out in the market in 1984 by a brand underneath Perstorp called “Pergo”. To this day, Pergo is still the largest manufacturer in this industry. Later on, in 1997, a Belgian company called Unilin made a glueless version of the floor, which was based on the health criticisms present at the time, which are discussed below.

There have been several health criticisms about this type of laminate flooring, although it has not been proven to be unhealthy. There is something called “melamine resin” used to make it, and it also has formaldehyde. With older buildings having the floors stepped on so much, used so greatly, their is a lot of concern about the air quality in those types of buildings. The question that arises is if the formaldehyde can seep through the floor, into a building or room that is not well ventilated. This concern is pretty low spread, as most people deem it to be a perfectly safe flooring alternative.

Depending on exactly what type of wood laminate flooring you want, you can get it at many different specifications. The first of those would be how thick you actually want the wood, as it will effect the quality of your overall house in the end. Then you can move on to what type of finish you want, because there are many different options such as normal, embossed, steinway and more. Every type of finish will feature a different style and add a different vibe to whatever room it is laid out in. This type of versatility is one of the reasons this type of floor is so popular, and you can be sure that it will get lots of compliments from your guests.. and possibly even spark a little jealousy if it is a really fine job.

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